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Noisy Shimano reel - DIY service or pass to Shimano to service?


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Hi Raiders

I have a shimano sienna 2500 which is probably about three years old now. Its never been in water and is still smooth but recently i notice it makes some noise when I reel. Nothing uncomfortable but noticeable. I hadn't felt it was an issue until I was trying a new Okuna reel I had and it just felt so much smoother!

I think the reel is under a 10 year warranty from Shimano but not sure if this would be covered under the warranty given it still works. Anyone has any experience? Can I drop it off at their Caringbah store? How long does it take? Days or weeks?

If I do service it myself how easy/hard is it? Any good youtube guides? I have taken the spool and handle off before but thats all. I am worried about pulling the reel apart and small pieces falling out that I can't put back in.


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The sienna isn't the easiest reel to being to learn to service. It was one of my first ones that I serviced and it wasn't easy. The main one to watch out for the the bearing under the rotor, should be relatively large and black plastic, the metal things need to be put back in a specific orientation otherwise it won't sit properly. Other than that though, the sienna isn't to bad. Just need some grease. Also, grease the lip of the housing where the 2 prices clamp together, helps to prevent water intrusion. And if your screw up, the sienna isn't the end of the world I guess. New reels always feel smoother 😂. I think I might know of a YouTube guide, think I saved it somewhere. Also leave the bail arm, there a tiny spring in there and it always goes flying 

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Hi Gengar,

Firstly, it is a $70 reel. Not worth getting a $50 plus parts paid service plus time lost in my opinion. If you want to take it apart to learn something then go for it. i treat these as a consumable and will buy a few at a time so I can keep the spools but then drop them on the next body when the time comes.

Secondly, I suspect it might be the bail arm roller bearing when the line goes over it. It gets exposed to salt when the line comes in and can build up over time. Makes a funny rough sound.

Can have a look at it next time we catch up.



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haha sounds like this reel servicing is something i should leave to the experts!

Derek is right I am not going to pay to get it serviced but thought if its free then I might drop it off at their service centre (i dont live near there but do need to head that way usually once a month).

Derek I will ping you tomorrow. Thanks all!

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Its hard to say what the noisy part is coming from without actually hearing it. Alot of the time, the bearing in the line roller tends to go, which makes it noisy, but Sienna's dont have bearings there, it's usually a bushing. The sound could be anything from salt build up over time (you don't need to dunk the reel to have a build up) or the noise that some braids make going through the roller. 

If you want to learn how to open and/or start servicing your reel, the sienna would be a good reel to try it with. Its a simple reel and a much cheaper starting point. The hardest part I think for people is not having a the right tool to open certain parts.

If you do choose to open up the reel, schematics can easily be found online if you're having any trouble. Just be sure not to play around too much with the clutch (that middle cylinder labelled 18549 below) or put any grease on it (also try not open it all the way, its can be a little annoying to put back when all the pins fall out of the clutch).




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I see these reels regularly for$55so dont pay for a service pick up some reel oil and a set of cheap small screwdrivers and pull the side plate off and give it a small amount of oil and a good clean for whole reel .they are a good budget reel i use one for squid  as well as bream and flathead you dont need to spend big for most fishing 

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