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The trip of a lifetime - amazon part 3

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Day 4 didn't start well, despite being a very happy day... our first wedding anniversary, the turtle curry had some unwanted GI effects on everyone poor Amy got the worst, at the advice of our host we decided to push back our start to let Amy rest and recover, I spent the morning wandering around taking pictures of the ever present black vultures


the camp staff went about their daily duties these people just never stop working, 

I spent a bit of time harassing the local pirahnas


By 10am Amy decided to take the day off so I left woth our guide for a late start.

We headed off to the lake where we had intended to spend the day arapaima fishing  that would wait for Amy but we needed an arowana for bait.

Getting into the lake is half the adventure


And there were loads of big black caiman present 


They were a real pest, trying to attack my surface lures and attempting to eat hooked fish, it was hilarious when the guide threatened them eith his oar and they all took off.

The wall of incredibly spiky palms seemed to fit the place well


I got to casting for arowana, these fish are tricky to tempt and even harder to hook and keep connected.

I fluked the first one


I missed loads but with persistence I managed to crack a pattern


The trick being after the take give them a few seconds before striking and keeping the rod down


They really go hard, I ended up landing 7 arowanas to 8ocm and a couti fir the session 

Tried for cats but the pirahnas were on steroids

But the spectacled caimen were out which was cool


so I decided to head in early and check on Amy who was all better. As a special anniversary treat the staff made chocolate cake for all of us and we even had a special visitor appear


It was terrifying and huge... only in the amazon.

Day 5 with Amy better and bait caught we returned to the lagoon target arapaima. We started with aiming to get Amy an arowana Amy jumped one off beside the boat but otherwise they were quiet so we switched to casting big cutbaits where the arapaima were rising to breath (they're airbreathers).

I managed to drop 2 big fish early on andcAmy scored a turtle, there was wildlife everywhere but the fish weren't complying. The amazon sun is brutal and as lunchtime approached and we were cooking Amy's rod goes off, it was BIG, Amy was on for a battle we both freaked when we first sighted the beast, it was quite a battle bit Amy really showed her skills as an angler 


About 2.1m and well over 110kg of arapaima an absolute river monster

It was amazing how carefully the guide treated the fish, he said they die very easily  we actually spent the next hour or so protecting him from caimen as he recovered.

My arapaima quest was quite frustrating, the fish activity died off so I gave up and we fished for arowana, unfortunately they wre also shut down  after awhile we were heading back towards leaving the lagoon something changed and it seemed to liven up, I went for one last shot...


Nowhere near as big but I couldn't care less  still a big fish by any means and put up a hell of a fight. These fish were a,dream for me no come true.

We finished off the session with me getting an arowana


And Amy a nice peacock


The colours were spectacular 

There was lots of celebrations back at the lodge with most of our fellow anglers joining the arapaima club... what a day


To be continued 


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That is one gargantuan fish:1yikes:. This report just keeps getting better ! Congratulations  Amy ! That is one spectacular fish you have there and Dave’s fish isn’t far behind ! Don’t fancy the spiders though - I would have nightmares after seeing that big hairy bugger😂

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A real shame that Amy got sick, especially on her wedding anniversary. A 110kg fish landed would have provided a massive buzz, and truly tested anybody's fishing skills...INCREDIBLE.

I had wondered about crocodilian species and thought that maybe they don't inhabit the area. How wrong was that assumption?

I love to see aspects of life in other places, always have done. You have presented an excellent documentary on an environment, not totally different from some remote parts of Australia, and yet a world away. The local guides must be very proud of their ability to overcome all sorts of challenges as they endeavour to get their clients, lifetime experiences. You have done an excellent job of presenting this chronicle of your trip of a lifetime. Thank you both for sharing it with us all on the forum.


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