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The trip of a lifetime - amazon part 4 (final part)

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After five days of hard fishing really takes it's toll, so for a change in pace we decided to do some catfishing. Our tireless guide cast net us some bait during the night


Another stunning amazon morning

we started out working baits down on the bottom in some fairly strong current, it didn't take long for Amy to hook-up as per usual, it was a solid fight


Our first redtail cat,  we wanted one of these so bad Amy was very impressed with herself... understandably 

We hopped spots a bit, the small cats were being a bit of a pest but eventually I drove the hooks in one


My first amazon cat not the monster I invisioned, but excellent bait and was sent out live

We moved to a much deeper area, working pur small bait on medium tackle and the big whole cat out on the heavy gear, we both managed a leopard catfish eat but the pirahnas chewed them up halfway in. Whilst having a good curse about this  the big rod goes off and I'm into a solid fish


My first redtail, I wanted one of these fish so bad, after a quick release the heavy rod was reset and i  no time Amy is loaded up


Another beautiful redtail, not to be outdone my medium setup goes off


A beautifully marked jundia or leopard cat, Amy answered this with one of her own I've just misplaced the photo. We also managed a red belly pirahna for good measure.


After lunch we moved onto some payara fishing, we didn't land any payara but had some spectacular surface hits and I managed a couple of nice peacocks




We headed in early and then back out night fishing looking for cats, the sunset was beautiful as ever


Unfortunately the cats didn't play except for me being blown away by a submarine, but that didn't matter.

Our final day started with trying to get Amy an arowana, unfortunately they turned out to be her nemesis fish for the trip I did manage one just to test her love for me


From arowana casting we moved onto jighing baits, essentially vertical fishing them just on the bottom looking for pescada or silver drum  as per usual


Amy landed a cracker and a stunning fish, hard as I tried they just evaded me, 

But I did manage some very nice jundia


These things absolutely pull like a train


After lunch for our final bit of fishingwe targeted peacocks the bite was quite tough as the fish were starting to get pressured but we managed a couple


Then were treated to some red howler monkeys sitting in the trees only 20m away


Amy pulled a beautiful lukanani


And shortly after so did I 


And with that we called it and finished our fishing in this amazing place.

It was an early start on our travel day but not before some pictures 


Our camp staff and fellow anglers were an amazing bunch of people.

We got to spend a coupke of hours at Apoteri village on the way back


Which was incredible  then it was off to apoteri airport terminal


Where we fairwelled the most incredible place I've ever visited 

We landed approx 140 fish for the week with 19 species (the whole group total was 29)

I'll do a bit of tackle information as well as suggestions in the tackle talk section

If anyone suddenly can't survive wothput visiting the amazon please shoot me a message for details and any questions 

Thankyou for sharing our adventure I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it



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A brilliant series of accounts of your fishing holiday. Not only are you two blessed with a partner who shares your passion for fishing, but you complement each other's skills. In turn that is making you both better anglers. What other superlatives can be used to describe your fishing adventure to the Amazon?

If I am allowed to be critical, I have to mention your lack of fashion sense. What's the point of catching the most stunning-looking fish when the shirt you're wearing is even more loud? You really must take these factors into consideration for future adventures...

Like Donna, I too was taken by the magnificent Apoteri airport building. The architect of this fine public building must have been inspired by the magnificent Terminal 1 at Narrandera (my local airport).

I agree with Donna. Probably the best reports from an amazing location. You guys have certainly raised the bar with this experience. Sharing it with Fishraider members allows us all to see the extent of opportunity open to exploration. What an amazing world!

So, Dave and Amy. Where to next? Ice fishing in the Arctic Circle, wild Salmon in the Yukon, big Snapper, and Kingfish in New Zealand, Sturgeon in Northern Europe? Whatever you decide, the world is your oyster.


Cheers, bn

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Brilliant report Dave (& Amy). Some experiences you will remember forever and such a variety of different species. I had a similar experience of a “small” airport terminal in Yap, which was a similar grass hut, but wasn’t “2 storey” like yours. Travel is great, but fishing every day does take its toll - bet you glad to be back home, but adventures you’ll never forget. Thanks for sharing.

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