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2nd trip

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Went again today  took a few spots before i found a few luderick  dropped two  broke tip off my rod ( no more graphite lud rods for me )  caught six fish all up  hard work on a broomstick  lost 40cm of tip  was reason for pulling hooks on a couple  filleted skinned  deboned peices ready to munch


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Nice catch of Luds! 👍

On 3/30/2023 at 9:09 PM, rickmarlin62 said:

Ive got a 1pce snyder  ive been tryin this 2 pce daiwa  2nd one ive broken  i think il stick to tried n true   cant beat the snyders

if your rod is under 12 months could try to claim in on warranty. I’ve never had to claim from Daiwa, but I’ve had 3 rods replaced by Shimano for broken tips. One broke while fighting a fish, so I replaced it with the same rod - 3 months later it also snapped a tip. Went to Shimano and they ended up replacing both. 

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