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Blue mountains fly fishing for trout


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Hi all,

firstly a big shout out to @R E G I C Y C L E for helping make this trip successful. I owe you one and happy to take you fishing in Sydney if and when you get down to the big smoko. Can try for some topwater fish.

The company I work for makes recycled paper for use in packaging. It is a niche industry so we get talent wherever we find it and as a result we have a lot of nationalities working here.

One of the team is from Finland and grew up fly fishing. He wanted to try to do it locally and specifically for trout. I do saltwater fly fishing too and suggested we try that down the track but for the time being I reached out to @R E G I C Y C L E for some local knowledge in the blue mountains area. He came back with a very thorough and extremely helpful response to get my workmate started.

This is the short report and several photos that resulted from the assistance supplied.

Few Pictures from last week trip to the Flat Rock (Fish River).

This one was public area so not any angry land owner.

Saw one snake, managed to have 3 fish up and place was nice, enjoy every moment…😊










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Thank's for aprovement to the group.

Few months ago we our family moved to Australia. Now was the excelent time to test, if some local trouts would accepts fly's what I make. 

All the information what I have received from fishing location, streams, and rules was very helpful, to make my  first trip so enjoyable. 

Even, 30 years experience of fly fishing, it was so exciting  to head  to a new river and see the trout rising on your dry fly, what a day...

Big thanks


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Welcome to the forum JariR. Your first post on here is excellent. Australia is a magnificent place to fish for many types of fish. I hope that you settle into the lifestyle here and enjoy our wonderful fishing.

 Cheers, bn

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