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Friday dollie frenzy- Sydney

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Great morning on Friday with @The Rev and @fish-aholic. On the water at 515am and straight to the livey grounds. Got a nice number without them jumping in the boat.

Arrived at the FAD around 715 after a pretty easy trip. Decent swell but nothing to worry about. Westerly was blowing which made it chilly.

Had the spot to ourselves for quite a while. Dragged lures, threw plastics, cast unweighted livies and some whole deadbaits. All techniques resulted in dollies (and one rat king). 

Ended up with a good feed for all of us. Came home in glamour conditions and were off the water by 1130. Perfect Friday!






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Well done guys.  I would have seen you there but a last minute commitment made me cancel our trip. Great to know they are still there and playing. Enjoy the feast. 
cheers Zoran 

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