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Dam monster

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Gday raiders 👋


After holding a pb rainbow trout of 55cm for over 2 trout seasons, i decided to hopefully beat that pb, and boy did I ever 😀 


I set out before sunrise with a mate to a dam that had been firing for trout ( due to a large quantity of broodstock being released) with high hopes. 


The previous week I witnessed not one but 2 of my mates losing what would have been a 60cm rainbow trout due to acrobatics. Both of which were bicatch of redfin 😅


I cast out in the exact spot as where my mates lost his fish the week before, and after a erratic retrieve of a berkley Nemesis 3 inch plastic I decided to slow the retrieve up, to a snail pace, gently tapping the plastic. 


About the fourth cast of trying this technique, I got tight on to a fish.


ZZzzzzz, the fish took off, I yelled out to my mate TROUT, but after a minute of fighting the fish and no jumps from this fish, I began to think that maybe it was either a massive redfin, Murray cod or a yellow belly. All of which are present in this dam. I began gaining line on this fish and got a flash of silver and a poor looking hook set 🙄


I eventually tired out this fish and slowly pulled it into the swallow water. Stupidly I did not bring a net, but it did not matter I had the giant in my clasp 🥳 


 After laying this beast on my mat, it smashed my prior pb 


A possible fish raider record ?


This fish went 64.5 cm 




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