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Short morning Bass session - left them biting

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Newbie Ty, wanted to catch a Bass on a lure. Because the seas and swell have been so crook lately, it was “freshwater or no water”. I promised him 12 fish before 11am. As it was, we boated 22 Bass, by 9 am and finished up with 34 Bass and 2 flathead by 10am and dropped at least a dozen more, many were double hookups.

Once the sun came up the fishing slowed up and I didn’t want the young bloke to think fishing is always a “success” (last trip we boated 30 Jewies and 7 flathead). God was good, the moon was right, there was no wind and the tide was perfect.








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3 minutes ago, XD351 said:

Great work Bob! One of the most addictive things on earth is a hot bass bite - especially when they’re smashing surface lures !

So much fun.

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Well done Bob. I've never caught a bass or ep something that's on my to do list. 

What sort of lures work well on these guys?

Any chance you can PM me the location assuming it's accessible from the kayak? TIA

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