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Plans For This Weekend?


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Hey all,

Heading up to Port Stephens tommorrow,weather looks a bit iffy but i'll give it a shot and possibly heading out off Swansea on Sunday too do a bit of bottom bashing at the Farm and see if any YFT are hanging around. Baught a new Alvey today spooled it up with 200lb Braid :wife: not happy jan :1prop:


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Hi all,

Friday fishing hopefully. Just a short session on the Parra with any luck. :biggrin2:

Saturday - folks over for BBQ for lunch.

Sunday - Andy's scout group has their Billy Cart Derby at Rooty Hill. It's a fantastic day where the kids go like rockets down a big grass hill on home made carts with no brakes!!!! :074:

It's just the funniest thing and a great day out. I'll be taking the 3 kids so :wife: gets a day off.

Gunna be a great weekend as always.



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Yep, love the billy carts CFD.

Just a shame we're not allowed pump up tyres and bearing wheels... then we'd get some speed!!!!!!

Might have few less kids by the end of the day though.

The funniest part of all is at the end of the day when all the parents get to have turn. The extra weight in the cart gets them moving quite nicely and some great stacks and wrecked carts follow....


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haha arr billy carts were the bomb, i had one that did some serious speed but i did a good job writing it of within 6hrs of it being made, :1prop: dad wasnt to happy..

Fishing saturday off the beach and soccer sunday, good luck folks :1fishing1:

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Daughters 20th birthday party at a pub in the city on Sat night.

Working on the the wonderful suggestions that raiders have made and getting some wheels in motion :biggrin2:

Enjoy your weekend all

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

PS Ahhhh billy carts bring back lots of memories, spending all Christmas holidays constructing them, acquiring the pram wheels were a must and the piece of stick for the brake worked sometimes......... then there was the elaborate steering mechanism (rope)

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No :1fishing1: for me either this weekend

Have a wedding in the city on saturday - oh hang on we are staying at the sebel peir one, better take the "little" rod to kill time between the ceremony & the drink a thon.....hmmmmmm

Sunday is recovery then bloody hockey at 3.30 - two games left then free weekends again, oh no then the young fella starts cricket......nooooooooooo - hope the wife enjoys cricket :074:

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I was going fishing at Berowra on Sunday but now after learning about the billy cart derby, plans have changed. Fishing up Berowra on Saturday then attending the billy cart races on Sunday. My good wife can attend the lawns and garden to stop her getting bored. Thanks for the tip off David.



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Helping my son in law with some concreting on Saturday.

Sunday , to be decided

Billycarts. The drive way at my parents house is rather steep & sweeps around to a flat section. We would run rubber wheels on the front & ball racers on the rear which was a chalenge to control the rear. :1yikes:

We had our fair share of spinouts. The trick was not to fall over the edge of the drive into the garden which was 1.5 mt below.

Arrr , the memories of years gone by :yahoo::thumbup:


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Tomorrow will be installing some downriggers to a mates boat and sunday will be definately :1fishing1: .

If the weather is good will head to browns sunday, Im dying to try out the new tiagra 30w i just got delivered from ebay, just gotta figure out how to sneak it past the :wife: so she doesnt realise its a new reel.

but if the predicted wind stays the same will probably go for a troll outside the harbour and head to a few reefs for some mako's.

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Guest madsmc

I will be busy with other things this weekend, but I may sneak a quick SP session in on Sunday morning if possible.

The :wife: is away for most of the weekend, so I'll be keeping our young fella entertained, along with getting a few overdue house chores out of the way.

The tackle bag needs to be replenished, so I'm hoping to get some time to do up a shopping list for next week. Not looking forward to seeing the bill for that. :1yikes:

Good luck to everyone wetting a line this weekend. Don't forget to take the camera for the all important entry pic for Catch of the Month. :biggrin2:


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