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What Are Your Fishing Goals


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Hey all

With this crappy weather I have been dreaming about Summer and have been thinking about my fishing goals . I have decided on 5 species and hope to pop some cherries in the very near future.

1. Jewfish my SP PB is 15 kg I want to crack the 20 kg mark

2. Dollies I really really want to crack a bull dolphinfish of any size.

3.Tangling with a beakie

4.Kingfish over 80cm

5.Snapper on a plastic

So what are your goals people lets hear whats raiders hope will get your reels screaming this season.

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great topic, all winter i have been telling myself to specificaly target the botany kings in summer. I will only concentrate on kings and hopefully dollies. I hope one of the dollie socials is organised because im worried about my boat going out alone.

So basicaly, any kings and any dollies would be great, doesnt matter what size.

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Guest danielinbyron

1. ditto on the 20kg jew.... we call them dinosaurs.... i wanna catch a dinosaur...been humiliated by a couple..yet to land one.

2. catch a sizable jew on a self made lure

3. yellowfin off the rocks

4.cobia .... i always drop cobes for some reason ..usually right at the boat..

5.mangrove jack above 3kg

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1. Beach Jew (any size will do)

2. Kingfish - over 75cm (I've always been slightly smaller than Sharky)

3. Find and mark good (but not too well known) Snapper grounds in new boat

4. Crack my first Bream on SPs

5. Spend a s*#tload of time fishing off the beach for bread & butter species.

Bring on summer. :1prop:

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simple wish list for me.

kings, dollies and sharks

this summer i also want to get more landbased raiders out on the water to try tangling with the above

my goal is to volunteer my time to outnumbered in helping him realize his goal as many times as he wants.

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My goals would be

1. Catch a Kingy

2. Catch a Jew

3. Catch some Dollies

And if all else fails at least I will be out there fishing.



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Im going to go with;

1/ Bass

2/ Bass

3/ Bass

Go wrasseman with a nice choice on the Brown Trout, This rain is just what us crazy bass fisherman need to wash away the BAD weed probs we had and also move some nice thumpers around.

I will be testing a new popper i have designed and some large home made flys.

A trip to Glenborne will be a must early next year.


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