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Parra River Jewie


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We went after some breamski's on gulp's on the Parra River when I got I got hit and 4 lb fireline started peeling off my reel at a very rapid rate either this was the mother of all bream or a jewie.

5 minutes later after a bit of a tug a war this surfaced


Some more nervous moments I landed this beauty


After a few snaps we released him back to terrorize the poddies.

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Hi Anti-Carp. Good fishing mate :1clap: . Did you reckon they were up there chasing blackfish and did you pick out the greenest spots around the wall?

Cheers mate and it's a shame you can't eat the good fish you worked hard to get on a lure up there.

Cheers. I have a large family and they are all big fish eaters up here and I know we are not loners at eating fish that's for sure.

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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congratulations mate. where bouts on the river was it? i fish the parra and lane cove river often and have had a few screamers peeling line off while chasing bream too but never had a chance to see let alone land one yet.

good work and nice jewie

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