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20kg Syd Jew On A Soft Plastic

chef gone fishin1

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short and sweet

start of the day went to the shit and im on holidays .So instead of staying at home and getting the shits , i went for an arvo sessio.

Went and got yakkas and tailor for bait.Then off to lion Is to see what was happening. Not much but still a nice day.

Wind was get bad so i thought why not go to a very secret place and try for a jew!!!

Well I said to my self as i cut the motor and set up the anchor , Im going to enjoy the quiet and remotness of this area.

Down goes the live tailor and a live yakka, a slab bait and the burley net.

I then started to see lots of nice river gars in the burley trail. Tried to catch them but no luck .As this is happening i cast out a paddle tail softy 5mins later zzzzz goes the reel , Im like still tring to get gars so im to slow to get to the rod. felt weight but it spat the hook. Oh well who knows what it was??

S<<<<t What happened next blew me away.Still looking at the gars and getting keen to get one i cast the placcie towards the same spot i put my new Egrell s10 in the holder but something made me grab it and give it 2 lifts on the second lift it justs stops.I think dam on the bottom ( all for about 1 second ) and thats when this thing went offfff.

The rod( Egrell s10) and reel ( symater4000)loaded with 20lb crystal fire line and vanish 20lb leader did so well.

The first 4 -5 runs where strong not to mean head shakes so i thought i had a shark. I was waiting for the bust off.

Then around the boat twice , through the anchor rope once and around the other lines but it never got tangled.

I cleared all the lines and the burley bag. and every time it went near the anchor i just gave it line and it turn also i turned the rod in the opposite direction.

Then i got same almighty head shakes .I said to myself FunK i think ive got a big jew and not a shark .(20 min fight at this stage) . I got he gaff ready and thats when i say the colour everyone wants to see when you hunt jews with soft plastics, SILVER and boy did that just freek me out.

It went straight for the leg of the outboard and it just stayed there .At this stage i was saying just chill wait for the shot just wait and then it popped out from under the outboard and bang i lifted its head and struck the gaff in the shoulder.post-8289-1225361854_thumb.jpg

Man that was a moment all on my own. I let out a big YAAAA just a boat went by .All he did was stop staight away he couldnt believe it .


on the brag mat it went it went over the size but roughly 125cm ,On the digi scales it went 19.70 kgs .30 min fight


Man this jew was going no where , she swallowed the plastic so deep.post-8289-1225362021_thumb.jpg

there was no chance of me losing the fish except for a bite through or a bust offpost-8289-1225362044_thumb.jpg

I call WayneB from the water to meet me at the ramp and help take some photos and weigh the fish .Thank you Wayne

Turned a bad day into a good day.

By the way not one fresh bait got touched.All the baits where in the same spot.Strange?

And last but not least when we were cleaning the fish my boat floated of 30mt into careel bay .So off for a swim i went.


cheers john

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That's a nice Jewie - you've got reason to brag about that old girl!! I suppose it's time that we start targetting these superb fish. Great effort on plastic... and who says that fresh baits are best. This is evidence that all of those hours chasing livies can be replaced by the purchase of a $12 rubber :tease:.

Was the big girl caught in an estuary????

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great fish john...

now we all can save some time an ditch the livey sessions and just switch to the darker side of sp jewy hunting...

gee that boats got some good karma and i hope you leave some of it with whoever the new owners gonna be...

lucky boats cant talk otherwise the secrets it could spill eh...

well done again on a fine trophy jew...


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