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Speaking Of Flathead


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I had to drop my mum at the airport at 10am today which was incovenient to my 'before arvo shift' fishing aspirations.

So I hooked the boat on and took it with me. I got some funny looks at the airport but come 11am I was backing the boat down the new ramp along Forshore drive Botany (Nice ramp btw).

Soon after I had a floater out and was casting around a plastic when Bam a real healthy strike started peeling off some line. At first I thought it was a big brim or snapper cause it kicked all the way to the surface, alas just another cracker Flatty. The bay is full of em at the moment this one was just under 90cm..


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I suppose thats a pretty good flatty Merro... :074:

So thats why your coming in late to work!

Thanks lads, Im on a roll with the flattys. Time to get a brag mat I reckon. Thank goodness for modern phones with camera timers on em too.

Morgs- It will be now mate, I cant believe I hadn't thought of towing the boat into work earlier. That ramp is a beauty.

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Bloody hell!!! What a croc! Well done Merro. :1yikes:

The bay is full of 'em at the moment this one was just under 90cm..

The Bay might be full of 'em, but it still takes a good fisherman to catch them! :thumbup:

Has anyone else noticed the proliferation of huge flathead posted on Fishraider lately? I think steps should be taken by the Department of Fisheries to ban the possibility of Mero, Dusky_Chaser or Hodgey ever getting together to fish for flathead. Any fish over 80cm on the east coast wouldn't stand a chance. Alternatively, from now on, those three should be made to fish blindfolded and with one hand tied behind their back!



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