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Horse of a horsie

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, just went around the rocks for a spin before dark and I managed to score a huge bonnie.

This this is my biggest on a spinner and he realy gave me a great fight, took me a few goes to get

the big fella landed.

So that's it just a quick report, the fish was accurately measured at 71cm's and was taken on a

raider spinner 40gram and upon checking the lure records he is right up there on top..

Enjoy the pics of the big boy.. :thumbup:

post-3371-009127100 1300179968_thumb.jpg

post-3371-070859100 1300179988_thumb.jpg

post-3371-031487900 1300180009_thumb.jpg

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Hi Ray,

That is a great fish, would have run like mad. Well done. What is that little fella on the brag mat under his tail. Is that something he's eaten and pushed out :wacko: Looks like a little whiting.


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Now thats a thumper ,Ray :yahoo: were they in numbers or did you just get the one ?

Cheers Stewy

Stewy I scored a few smaller models just after lunch today but this was the only one this evening..

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Sorry Ray, but I think you got the wrong fish id.

I don't think that's a bonito ...




... at 71cm, it's got to be called a ... "BIGNITO"!!!

Congratulations on a real "clydesdale" as Hodgey said! :thumbup:



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