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Stonker South Coast Trevally


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Teaming with rain this morning and with the temperature dropping about 15 degrees from yesterday the poppers were put away. Bloodworm Wriggler brought this guy unstuck and resulted in a clear PB for Jnr Jnr Poddy. Hit him like a freight train and went 50cm plus - so chunky.

His mate smashed me up completely and now wears a Zerek Shrimp as fresh new lip pearcing.


Memorable weekend. Who needs a flash expensive boat, last 2 trips I've left it at home and had some of the best fishing ever. Loving the south coast prior to the Christmas invasion (of which I am one).

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Thanks guys. He was a pretty happy little camper. It actually hit him 3 feet from the water edge so we saw the bite and everything which meant the fight wasn't too long and drawn out. He handles himself pretty well though so I would have loved to see him slug it out. Couple of quick picks and we sent him on his way to grow some more.

Aussieflash Never heard of sashimi trevally before?

Roberta just picked up 3 more Zerek live shrimp at 7 bucks each. Win for the good guys!!!! I can see myself using them hard up at Nambucca around the busted and floating racks me thinks.

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