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A great week spinning for snowies trout


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Hey folks,

I have rediscovered fishraider! Turned out I even still have an active account. Thought I'd share a short video of my trout fishing holiday I had with the Mrs. We packed simple light gear, few celtas and rooster tails. And went flicking some mounatins streams on both sides of the mountains. besides the fish it was a great chance to enjoy and explore the high country. One good 44cm rainbow was landed on the thredbo, and we caught another 10 on the streams, an even mix of rainbows and browns which was a lot of fun. Heres a quick youtube vid if you have a moment to watch.



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Mate great work. I was in the Snowies this past weekend hoping to fish the Tumut for the first time...and was sadly disappointed to see the river running very bigh and fast...9000 ML per day.... Not to be defeated I thought I would try the Goobragandra but ot a sign of a fish. I fished about a 500 m beat above the bridge at Kells lane and then up above the trout farm the ext morning. Anyone care to share some local knowledge...I didnt see even a sign of a fish i the Goob. Tried both my 5/6 wt fly rod and light spinnig gear all to no avail. Still saw some great scenery but a bit of a bummer to travel 4 hrs up to Tumut and not even see any signs of a fish.

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