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This is why I love fishing


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I've been plotting around the various bays in Cowan Creek over the past few weekends willing the surface action from the bream whiting to kick off. After finally picking up my first bream off the surface for 2014/2015 I think it is finally starting to heat up. Also dropped a horse of a whiting after it spat the hook from my surface walker.

Anyway, last weekend I turn up to the flats and put a few eager casts out in anticipation of action which were pretty woeful to say the least when all of the sudden a school of decent sized estuary tailor turn up absolutely tearing apart baitfish which had taken shelter in the bay. The kind that when they are done there are sprinkles of bait fish causalities throughout the water column. Only lasting 5 minutes it was a fish a cast and on light gear and was so much fun. I managed to get a couple of videos one where you can see the baitfish jumping out of the water as they are pushed up hard against the boat. It's the little unexpected things that happen when you are fishing that make me keep going back time and time again.

Cheers Matt



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Nice vids! looks like a lot of fun. Sammy 65 doing the damage? bit tricky to tell

Hey Mitchie,

It was actually a Sebile Splasher . I almost always use Sammys or similar lures when flats fishing as they just imitate a prawn so well. But I wanted to change it up a bit so used a popper. Worth noting that I couldn't tempt any bream or whiting with the splasher so switched to the Sammy and converted it to a bream.

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What boat is that? Looks right for solo trips..

Looking at getting a craft better suited to fishing as no one else in the family joins in any more...



Hey mate,

Yeah I have a similar problem. None of my mates want to wake up early so I end up fishing solo a lot of the time. I've got s stacer 4.29 Proline Angler. Simple as to handle by yourself, I have no problems whatsoever. Anything larger would be more challenging.



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I have fished smiths creek a number of times and it has always been dead as a dodo. I am told there are large bream caught at the mouth.

Congrats to you for your catches.

I fished it yesterday and it was fairly quiet. Could not find a flatty to save my life, not sure if all the rain moves them down the system?

I caught my PB bream off the surface in smiths creek. I am also told at certain times of the year bream will take cicada lures off the surface just like a bass. I'll be trying that this year for sure

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