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Silly Mistake - Big Dollies


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bit delayed on the report. but we head out last sunday out of sydney and what a day it was. Been working really hard to find the right type of water to find bait and fish in from the satelite charts and think i've finally worked it out. we went straight into the 23-24 degree water west of the bait station along the shelf and it was crystal clear and blue as it gets.

Anyway troliing along for a few hours and about 10am the short rigger goes, then stops then really goes... we're On! A quick glance at the water and we found a big school of dollies following the teaser along swimming alongside. we pulled up and they stayed alongside the slowly drifting teaser, of course as we were chasing marlin we didnt have anything rigged up and heres the silly mistake "No Bloody Pillies". so i managed to quickly bite off the bait jig and very loosely tie on a shimano floating stick bait. whilst the first fish came on board, it took all of about one cast and half a twitch of the stick bait as we watched in awe as a blue flash screamed across the top of the water and leaped with the stick bait in its gob. Awesome sight and first fish on a stick bait for me so pretty happy about that.

As we had nothing for these fish to feed on they quickly wised up and took off. with a bag of pillies on board we couldve been up for a lot of fun. Goes to show you should always have something rigged up and ready and always have some sort of bait on board. unless your one of those focused on the goal type fisherman unlike us who are just happy to catch anything decent.

some good fish and a great day nonetheless.


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Nice work on the dolly! I can't help but notice you are twins? If so, surely should have had a double hook up! Lol

Lesson learnt, always take bait! Even if it's a loaf of bread!

Well done :)

Cheers scratchie!!!


They aren't twins, one is slightly uglier than the other.

And the only time that boat catches a fish offshore is when i am not on it!!!!!!!!!

Joe B

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