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SWR & Sydney Dollies

Towlersbay boy

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Hi Raiders 

Headed up to South West Rocks over the  new year break & managed a few trips out when the weather permitted. The FAD had only just been put back in after breaking loose so it had very little growth  & the water was cold & green which resulted in bugger all Dollies of any decent size to be had. We decided not to flog a dead horse & spent the few days we got out jigging for kings around Fish Rock & Green island. Well there were plenty of kings & sharks resulting in me snapping my PE5 rod on the first day. I had to then fish my lighter 30lb setup the rest of the time which resulted in some solid brickings with the largest fish I was able to land being only 96cm & My mate with his heavy gear in 1 piece managed a 110cm.

We got done massively wrong by who ever manages the boom gate for the ramp at the jail as when we returned it was closed. The signs clearly say open from 7am to 9pm ,well we got back at 8.12pm & had to put my 4.3m tinny through Back Creek bar in the dark with a 1.7m east swell then get the wives to pick one of us up to drive to get the car & trailer. I would say that they just haven't reset the day light savings time but seriously they could kill someone ! 

Thought I would chuck in a quick report as well on the Dollie front. Went out last weekend Sat 13th from Sydney Harbor & managed some good table fish on small 15-30g jigs. There was the standard captain Killjoys doing hot laps around the fad putting all the fish down. So jigs fished deep came up with the goods. Water was a nice 23 degrees with not much current from the NE with the fishing getting a lot better the further east we went. 



fish 7.jpg

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I had a look at fish rock when I was up at swr too many boats divers and activity for my liking so went for a troll.

One of the local pros trolling for mack tuna at the rock told me he was only landing just over half what he hooked the sharks took the rest.

Nice haul of dollies (off the traps or the fad) the 15gm metal slugs work great on light outfits, a fast sinking fly works very well also. Hope the current picks up as this will really turn them on.


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2 hours ago, Towlersbay boy said:

Hey Mate 

Used a few different ones up there but I would say it was most likely a Maria shore tricker 45g in pink  brought up with an erratic twitch &  stall retrieve.


Thanks mate I’ll have a look for them. How deep were you fishing with the 45g? I’ve found the pink octo jigs 40g work well for rats, but I haven’t tried them deeper than 20m. Cheers for the info!

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