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Land based fishing spots for Australian Salmon


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Agree with what the others have said, you'll find them just about anywhere from the small bays up the Parramatta River in winter, right through the harbour and along every beach and coastline. Apparently heaps in the harbour at the moment but any beach will be worth a go, just look for the gutters.

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On 10/25/2016 at 10:14 PM, Deep_Stalker said:

Hi Fisho's,

Im keen to try my luck with some land based fishing in Sydney for Australian Salmon. I haven't tried fishing for salmon before and want to try some lures out in the surf. Any spots would be helpful.


I went to the spit bridge on Thursday, I was trying to get some yakkas and squid for an upcoming trip. I got about 7 yakkas and 2 squids. There were 2 other guys fishing there as well they caught about 7 salmon between them in about 45 min using metals 

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