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Flathead Fishing Eastern Suburbs


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Hello everyone, 

I'm quite new to flathead fishing and was just looking for some tips for soft plastics and some different spots that hold flathead. I've heard rosebay is good but I'm not sure where to go. I'm ok to go anywhere that isn't too far away. I have a 2-4 kg rod with 10lb braid and 8lb leader. This is paired with a 2500 sieanna reel. I am looking for some good spots to flick some plastics for flatties and the occasional bream.


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Rose Bay can be good but you'll have to be persistent. It helps if you live nearby. 

I usually fish all the way along the promenade along Old South Head Road. Fish the last couple of hours of a rising tide and make sure to put a good few casts in at the eastern end where drain from the golf course comes out on the harbour side. There's always loads of little fish around that and usually a flattie or two hanging about. 

Fish the whole wall end to end. There's barely any snags and it's a good place to get the hang of plastics. There's been plenty of decent flathead caught around there. 

Lots of people wade in on the other side and fish amongst the moored boats. It'a stingray central around there so watch where you step if you're wading. 

That should get you started. If you see a bloke with a green Coopers hat that'll be yours truly. 

Good luck!

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18 hours ago, deetee said:

What brand of plastics and jig head weights do you use Niall?

Hi deetee, thought I'd answer in case Niall doesn't. Most plastics will work, the main consideration though is to get the correct weight of jig head. Buy a variety of jighead sizes because you have to get the sp looking "natural" Too heavy and it will plummet to the bottom, too light and it won't get to the bottom. It's essential that it does get to the bottom! The strength of the current is a major factor in determining jighead size too. Strong current = heavier jighead. I would get yoursely some Zman sps in paddle tail and/or wriggly tail...motor oil is a good colour and get on the water. Be persistent and you will get results. They really work well. Good luck BN

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Neil is spot on.  That's all good advice that I'm sure he's given to me at some point.  I'm by no means an expert.  I just recognised I was in your exact position at this time last year.

Around Rose Bay I wouldn't be too worried about current.  It's pretty easy going along the foreshore.

You can afford to go really light without any issue.  However too light and you won't be able to cast far at all.  There's always a bit of a trade off.  Being up high on the promenade helps with casting a lot.

I normally fish a 1/8 or 1/12 with Berkeley Prawns or Squidgy wrigglers.  Colour matters sometimes.  I'd wager that the action you impart to the lure is waaaaaay more important.  Stick to natural colours at first as a general rule.

These days I mostly fish the area using blades or vibes.  I prefer the resistance you feel when you lift up your rod to make the lure hop.  I use most of the Ecogear ZX range.  The zx35 and zx40 are brilliant but at 17-20 bucks a pop it's a bit of nightmare when you lose one (or two).  I lost one to a 50+ cm flattie at Rose Bay last weekend.  Absolutely gutted!

I'll be down there this arvo from about 3pm if you wanna have a chat.

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