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Lizards at Berowra

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Went out last night to see if there was much action around Berowra.

I launched at the boat ramp near the ferry and motored slowly up to the southern side of Bar Island with the intention of getting some sleep on my boat and waking before first light to be ready for any morning action.

Low tide was due around 10:30 a.m. so on the outgoing tide I put out a mix of rigs. One paternoster with double droppers and large 6/0 circle hooks. One running ball down to a swivel with a long leader ending in a 2/0 circle hook. One 4" white paddle tail soft plastic.The paternoster rig did all the damage.

During the night I was awoken a few times by some stray by-catch including a mud crab, an eel and a catfish. Around 7:00am the real action started and lasted about 90 minutes, including two double dropper hookups.

With a strong outgoing tidal flow I caught 9 flathead in a row, the largest ones coming in at 600mm. A soapy jew finished off the session at about 11:30. Very different to my normal pathetic efforts. Tried  both prawns and salted pilchards for bait but all were caught on cubes of the salted pilchard.  

Maybe my luck has changed.

Thanks for reading.IMG_1283.JPGIMG_1286.JPGIMG_1282.JPG


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A great read and pics - reward from some real dedication after a broken nights sleep on the boat!

Interesting  that I had a similar experience (see my post headed Central Coast) last Wednesday morning. Again fishing the last hour and a half of the run out in Brisbane Water near Hardys Bay. I've never had such a hot bight in this area, although I was using SPs only , maybe if I'd had a few baits out as well I'd have done even better! I often fish the same area when up there ( I live on the Northern Beaches) and usually get 1 or 2, but for some reason the flathead were really firing this time.



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