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Big shark Botany Bay


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Hi guys,

first post for me, so will try and make it informative.

I bought a new rod and reel with the intention of getting into some nice king fish if I could find them. Around 11am me and a mate set off in a 4.2m tinny from “the hole in the wall” boat ramp heading into Botany Bay. As the is no fish finder in the little tinny it was always going to be a back to basics trip. We headed over to Molineaux Point and did a number of drifts using hard body and soft plastic lures with no luck. It started getting a bit windy so we went around the western side near the runways to escape the wind. Our very first fish was a yakka that my mate hooked on a micro jig. I quickly set up the new rod for our little catch to see if we could turn it into a bigger catch. After 10-15min we noticed the police boat cruising over to us, our little live bait was still in the water and everything was in order with us so we were not stressed. Just as the police boat got to us the unmistakable scream of the new reel. As I was the operator of the boat and just happened to be the one holding the rod and screaming reel I probably could have passed the rod to my mate while I attend to getting my boat license out of my wallet...............HELL NO! I kept fighting the fish, swapped seats with my mate and told him where to find the license in my wallet. All was good with the check and the boys in blue decided to stick with us out of curiosity to see what we had. 20min later and not even close to landing the fish they left. A total of 45min and some bloody awesome teamwork with my mate keeping us right near the monster as it traveled all over the bay it came to the surface with a big jump!!! F*#k me it’s a big shark (a conservative estimate of 3m) I said in a calm voice hahaha. With the GoPro on and my mate holding it and driving (still doing a bloody awesome job) it came up for another massive jump, this time cutting the line with its first spin. What a christening of the rod.

Rod was 15-30 terez, reel 5000 twin power, line 30lb braid with 30lb leader.

audio left off for good reason as we my have been a bit excited lol

enjoy the video

oh and after we settled down we also got onto a large school of Taylor and had a heap more fun, and my hands never touched the water again to get the fish slime and smell off them hahaha


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1 minute ago, zmk1962 said:

NICE !.... bet the heart was racing when that shot out of the briny !!!  He he he.

Thats what fisho's live for. 



PS - Top first post congrats....!

Thanks mate. Yeah I had a little break from fishing for a few minutes haha

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Thanks heaps for the comments guys. Still trying to work out exactly what type of shark it was, if anyone has a mate in the know to help. I’m thinking Bull or Spinner but not sure. It was easy 3m plus and that’s not trying to brag but trying to help identify it, also very very fat/round and not slim at all.


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Great story and video, you'll be telling people about that one forever.

I don't know what kind of shark it is, but 'spinner' shark certainly suits it.  I didn't think mako though, hard to tell but it's head doesn't look pointy enough.  I'll go with whaler.

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6 hours ago, HUSKY194 said:

Mako, you can tell by by the tail.

Not a Mako, you can tell by the tail... Mako tails have both the upper and lower lobes of the fins almost the same length, this sharks top section is substantially longer. That and the rest of the shark is the wrong shape and colour...

This shark




A Mako



Hard to tell from the footage but probably a big whaler or bull. Whatever it is its bloody great footage that I'm sending straight to my boss who loves a kite surf through that area :lol:




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1 hour ago, Mr Squidy said:

Whatever it is its bloody great footage that I'm sending straight to my boss who loves a kite surf through that area 


I kite surf in Botany Bay. Well aware of sharks in the bay. Last year a dog got taken off Silver beach in Kurnell and another little shark was spotted cruising up the beach in Brighton le sands.  We try not to think about them lol.

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