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Double session on the rocks

61 crusher

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Decided to fish for some tailor at first light this morning with a metal, second cast & got a just legal tailor which was returned to grow a bit bigger, there was a fair bit of bait around which seemed promising but strangely disappeared soon after managed to pick up 2 more around the 40+cm mark & dropped 3 larger models which spat the hooks due to the surge & current which is probably why the bait disappeared . Towards the end of the 2hr session bait was being harassed well out of casting range first up it looked like bonnies harassing them & soon after frigates followed by  2 packs of 6 to 8 long tails  (northern bluefin) right up there clacker.After that bit of excitement decided to head back to the car & put the tailor on ice &  grabbed the second coffee for the morning. Went around to the main ledge & chatted to  a couple of local fishos I new who had caught a few bonnies & saw a 7kg Cobia  someone else scored, decided to head back to a quieter spot & started casting a pink hardbody & managed to pick up a few bonnies & then got a good hit & run, fought this one on a lighter drag & slowly got it back to the ledge (after being smoked  last week & reefed by the last one on a heavy drag) managed to stay on top of the fish which proceeded to take me on a tense 30m walk across the rocks & once subdued waited for a good wave & managed to lift a 75 cm kingy  on 20lb mainline & 30lb leaderE7F1B76F-E896-489A-BCD7-FC2FE3361E6E.thumb.jpeg.f5590a891bfe3112f5be6e4dd86ec0d6.jpegwhile I was fighting mine the guy next to me hooks up a good 31/2kg salmon on a float & pilly rig & next cast  gets another at 83cm & probably around 5kg+  

Really interesting day off the stones with a very varied mixed bag of fish caught & sighted. One guy even had a small Bonnie out under a balloon hoping for a long tail 

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Thanks guys, the water still had a bit of a brown tinge to it where I picked up the tailor probably coming from the beach, out the front it still had a bit of a green tinge to it & starting to clear up with a couple of bluish pockets, there’s still an occasional bit of salad around. @Central Coast Fisherman Yes spot on Phil I put the info out there to let people know the good water has arrived, hopefully the fish hang around for awhile 

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2 hours ago, flatheadluke said:

Nice fish Dieter hard to get a legal king from the stones  👍 


2 hours ago, Scratchie said:

Awesome work Dieter! Definitely a task and a half landing a kingy from the stones! Congrats 👍

Thanks guys after the last good one reefing me in no time flat through tightening the drag I played this one without touching the drag & lowering the rod every time it went for a run seemed to stay higher in the water column & then while scampering along the rocks  taking the same approach on the lunges (the soft approach) seemed to appease the kingy & keep it calm except when feeling the line rubbing on the rocks below the water line I’d give it some grief until it was clear of the wall again 

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