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The fibreglass porcupine


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Swordie and I are travelling in our caravan and stopped for a few days in Ballina to visit his bro in law Jimmy. 
Mr Bowers is old pal of Byron aka jewgaffer and Swanos cousin. He is a gun fisho. 
He lives in Ballina and here are some shots of a bit of his tackle (um shop).

He has actually has a tackle emporium! 

The last pic is their catch on a few hours fishing.



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14 hours ago, big Neil said:

Some serious $$$$$ tied up in that collection eh Waza? bn

Hi Neil yep serious $$ and great old fibreglass, made to last. Some serious hours involved with all the rod thread work also- beautiful stuff- an art form in itself. Makes my diamonds and chevrons look pretty ordinary!

Bring back fibreglass! At least you could lift fish without the fear of them breaking.

Great collection of rods- no doubt there's a reel to go with many of them too!

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