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Norfolk Kingies, coral cod, Sweetlip, Trumpeter


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Just returned from heaven (Norfolk Island), what a fishing hotspot - Raiders you’ve got to get there. The charter with David Biggs was awesome. When he said, “well try this spot for 10 or 15 seconds and if we haven’t boated a fish, well move” (as if). But this proved to be the case.

As soon as the sinker hit the bottom,BANG, double hookup - one Kingie and a sweet lip (Trumpeter). After 2 hours we’d boated over 80 fish to about 4-5 kg on average. The fish were filleted and distributed to locals - this is an authentic  community where people look after each other and barter due to limited and variable supply from the mainland. Now the Covid thing (or has it mutated to Camry or Corolla yet) is having an impact, fish are swapped for car services, vegetables (no need for baby sitting as everyone looks out for each other and kids are adopted by “the village”), nothing is locked and everyone says “whataway” Pitcairn for “goo day”.

The island is subject to NSW state fishing regulations, but fishos self regulate; the areas they fish, the size & number released. No-one goes fishes for 2 months until spawning season has finished.  A great place to visit and great fish to be caught



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Great fishing. Self regulation appears to be working well.

Never been to Norfolk, however, Lord Howe Island was also a great fishing place to visit.

When I was young, I gave fish to family friends and neighbours, and received lamb legs and chops, steaks, eggs, fruit, and one lady made me the best chocolate cakes.

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43 minutes ago, Yowie said:

Lord Howe Island was also a great fishing place to visit.

I was due to fly out to Lord Howe last Saturday morning - been looking forward to it for months, had bags packed, fishing charters booked then phone call Friday night saying the island was going into lockdown so trip cancelled....

Ah well others have much bigger problems but we were pretty devastated. Hopefully get out there next year once this craziness has passed.


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Sounds like they have a great sense of community spirit with the sharing, bartering & self regulating. Great report & photos, by the sounds of it one of the few places left that aren’t in the tropics where one can say “ let’s go catching “ instead of  fishing 

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