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Top baits for Sydney Harbour Kingies.


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Been a bit bored with the veggie patch so hit the harbour 5 days in a row - Kingies over 70cm each time and 2 over 80.

Sunday, only on live Yakkas (ignored live and stripped squid), also took slimy mackerel and Bonito strips.

Monday, one on squid strips, none on live squid and 2 on yakkas

Tuesday, only on squid

Wednesday squid again

Thursday - cuttlefish only - ignored fresh squid and Yakkas.

CONCLUSION = Cuttlefish is No 1 bait on Thursdays, Yakkas on a Sunday,  Yakkas and squid on.a Monday,  Squid on a Tuesday.





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Poor photo
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14 hours ago, Pickles said:

Must have been a good fight on a 10g jig Bill

Yes 2500 reel rod to match and 12lb braid excellent fun big smile but no dinner haha. Only a rat less than 65 so still swimming. 



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