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Kingfish before the storm


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Hi all 

Just a quick report on a trip even if the kingfish was undersize last Wednesday. 

Left Patonga boat ramp about 7am with a smooth ride over a moderate swell straignt past West head due to the swell and safe boating fishing solo. I decided to head for Palm Beach Ferry whalf to get a squid for bait.

After a couple of casts I found a small squid and decided to slow troll mid water around the moored boats. Half way through the mooring my rod bends over so I drag it into open water and start playing the fish. Short fight on heavy line produced a 60cm King with amazing purple hues down it's side. After a quick photo and a swim release and cam back to the Wharf and scored a small cuttlefish who also got a mid water tour of the mooring.

No luck in Palm beach so whalf I headed to Careel bay and tried to find the wreck off the Tomahawk but no much. Decided a quick trip to Scottland Island for one more slow troll before the bad weather hit without a touch.

No bait and no signs of any life so I started home but the storm caught up and passed me. An interesting trip down the Western side of Pittwater and with cold rain bUcketing down and a rather hairy crossing of the hawkesbury saw me safe and back on dry land. 

Looks like the wind will stop me from getting out thus weekend but you never know. 




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