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another session this time with the kids

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With my success on Friday and the kids spending the weekend at my place Declan was adamant he wanted to hit the river and catch his first trev. Trying to explain to an eager 12 year old that in colder months we fish gentlemans hours rather than the crack of dawn. Headed to the same area I fished with Andrew and started casting 2.5 inch grubz at the edges second cast and I get a take first called a GT but....


really solid bream instead, a good start to the session.

After the bream and Declan getting a couple of small bream the small trevs started coming aboard and didn't take long for Declan to get his first trev


Only a small big-eye but he certainly didn't care as the smile says, we kept casting and a mix of bream and better quality GT's started coming aboard


they were terrorising baitfish along the edges and around the timber 


and pack a punch on bream gear, a mate came along in his boat drifting down casting the edges like us he'd been hitting big numbers of GT's further up the system, he headed off and when he's about 50m away my lure gets eaten right up on the edge, the fish immediately steam rolls out to the middle I knew big flattie, on 8lb leader, backed the drag off and let the fish wear itself out, when I finally got a look at it, definetely a pb flattie and how the hell is a kid supposed to net it, fortunetely Mick came over in his boat and netted the fish for me



not a giant for most systems but at 72cm easily a new pb and incredibly thick and heavy, zman 2.5 inch grubz will catch anything. After a few snaps courtesy of Mick she was carefully released and we went back to casting.

We continued witht he small bream and trevs then Declan loads up on a better fish, he did a good job of fighting the fish and soon had a nice flattie boatside 


The fattest 55cm flattie I've seen in a long time again the smile says it all, 

We finished the session with a few more bream and GT's


including Declan getting belted by a decent trev and screaming unfortunetly it didn't hook up

A great session seeing Declan land his first trev and me breaking a pb thats stood for nearly 5 years hopefully this is the start of a good winter/spring of trevally fishing 

cheers for reading 



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Another great report Dave. Lovely clarity in your pictures. Great to see the addiction to fishing developing in young folk. They're never going to be "bored" when they can go catch fish like that. Well done on the PB. Cheers, bn

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