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Kingies n the Harbour - Saturday


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Thought I better back up on previous post (“Secret kingfish bait”), with a bit more useful info’. I went out yesterday with one of my buddies Adrian and his keen fisho son, Jenson to get some kingfish fillets for Christmas. The weather was less than pleasant, but hey you don’t melt in the rain. The predictions have been so far off lately, I figured it was worth risking. As it was the swell was up, the winds were strong, it did rain, but there were plenty of fish to be caught.

We tried for squid briefly (unsuccessfully) and then filled up on Yakkas, putting the first livie down and an unweighted strip of slimie. As always, I burleyed hard and very soon we had our first legal Kingie on board (just under 70cm) in the unweighted strip baited 15lb line - fortunate and good angling skills to get it to the net.

A school of trever’s (Silver Trevally) were also attracted to the berley (last outings Kingie frames and bread) and were good fun on Yakkas outfits (6lb line).

During  the morning, we boated more Kingies and Trevally and Jenson got smashed by a 63 cm salmon on a live Yakka and did well to bring it to the net by himself. I also landed a nice 52cm flattie.

Overall a great morning, with hardly any other boats on the water. Mrs Pickles did a sterling job and we enjoyed pan fried kingfish and flathead fillets.

Raiders - don’t let questionable weather reports keep you off the water - there is always somewhere on the harbour to get out of the wind and swell (and you can always put a rain jacket on).




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