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First Flathead on Soft Plastic

Dee Why Jim

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Hi Everybody - my first post so hopefully of some interest.  I was a keen rock fisherman in Sydney back in the late 70's and early 80's but moved overseas and decades went by doing things other than fishing.   Now too old to climb down cliffs chasing tailor and drummer, so spent some time on Fishraider and You Tube to see how to catch a few fish in Sydney Harbour.  Luckily there are plenty of very generous folks who put up videos and answers questions from people like me.

After three of four zero fish outings I got my first flathead on Sunday - a quick trip with my son who supervised my grand daughter at a nearby playground.  It was probably legal size (I was too excited to get an accurate measurement) and hopefully not a complete fluke.  Released successfully to fight another day

Location : Southern side of the Paramatta River

Plastic : 2.5 inch Z man Grubz Watermelon Red 

Jig Head: 1/6 Oz TT with #1 Hook (tried to give myself a chance of a bream)

Line: 8 lb braid with 10 lb fluorocarbon leader

Time/Tide: 4:30 pm - bottom hour of the run out tide (super low tide 0.26 m)

Conditions: Sandy/muddy bottom with a few small rocks and oyster shells (no snags in a hour's fishing!!).  Cloudy and a bit windy but overall good afternoon fishing weather

Not a very exciting report but wanted to put something up to thank all those who provide tips and feedback for newbies - being able to get some questions answered and read the basics is a real help.

Hoping to get a few more in the months to come but kind of nice to get a fish with a new technique in a new location

Dee Why Jim

Mortlake flathead.jpg

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Good stuff Jim.Next time let us know what the salinity of the water was as your report was lacking info and I want to know.

  Just kidding mate.Excellent report,details and nice fish to boot.

Keep up the great work mate.

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Congratulations on you first so flathead Jim ! The parra river has become a bit of a lure fishing wonderland in the last 10 yrs now and there are some big flathead in there !

10 hours ago, motiondave said:

Excellent. The zmans work well.

I'm trying to figure out where you are in the photo😉.

If you are looking for good land based, friend Ave five dock around back of hen and chicken bay a great place at high tides.

Same with back end of iron cove. Mate of mine walks around both and fishes with great success on the zmans. 

Dave  it’s the western side of Mortlake point ( Wangal reserve )but there are many spots like this in the parra river . If you take a look at the YouTube channels by Shroom and Windsor bait and tackle you will see where they fish and it’s just a bit of detective work to locate the spot - i use Google maps, Google earth and street view a lot ! 

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36 minutes ago, motiondave said:

thanks, I was having a slight dig actually, lol, but all good. Ive seen those channels and had a look, lots of little spots no one seems to know or bother about. nearly all my land based spots must be kid friendly and with my kid, its not easy at the best of times. 

Wangal reserve is correct!! Nice little park very close by.  I actually live in Melbourne but my son lives in the inner West so when I visit any spots nearby with grand kid friendly surroundings are my target areas.  Tried the eastern side of the Wangal point (not sure of correct name) but much more rocky so plenty of snags with plastics - maybe a hard body that stays a bit off the bottom would be the go?  Thanks for the suggestion re Hen and Chicken and Iron Cove will give them a shot

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On 2/3/2021 at 1:23 PM, motiondave said:

All good, also look at Saint Ignatius college wharf , Riverview (Lane Cove River)....Yes its on school grounds, but people are allowed to fish there.

Thanks for posting this. I’ve stared at that spot enviously on google earth a number of times but always presumed it was off limits due to the school. 

I’m also guilty of using maps and google earth to find out where these youtubers are fishing haha. It’s led me to a few new spots I’d not otherwise have tried. In addition to shroom and Windsor bait tackle I’ll chuck in ‘flick with mick’ who is doing tons of land based all around Sydney. His latest video was at Lilyfield and I must admit a bit of a chuckle when he lost a crank bait in the exact same spot I left one a couple of days earlier!!

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