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Zoe’s sydney harbour kingfish


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Thunder and lightning, 2 m swell and choppy conditions, but they wanted to go, so go we did. Everyone else had more sense as one of the only other boats we saw was raider “Blaxland” - Bill in his weapon of a bar crusher.
We filled up with yakkas that were easy today & jumping on the hook. We also caught 3 kings by dropping down under the berley trail, as well as a nice leather jacket and 3 bream over 38cm and a 45cm pike that grabbed a yakka coming in, but wasn’t hooked - (greedy blighter wouldn’t let go). 

The rain cleared, wind dropped and God was smiling on us (He always is) and we brained my least favourite species - bream. They were hitting everything we threw at them - keeping only 7 all the rest released as well as 3 more Kingies, some snapper a big salmon and 2 flounder / Sole ? (Never could tell the difference).

Zoe and Daniel got their first kingfish each and were stunned at the pulling power and keen to come out again, so organising our next trip.  I keep re I ding her “Girls can do anything”.
The conditions weren’t too bad & certainly not what was predicted, but too uncomfortable to get off shore. Nevertheless a great day with plenty of fish for 3 families.

Total Kingies for the year now 98 (hoping for 100 before March)




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Great report there @Pickles and well deserved catch especially for Zoe in those conditions.

As for Sole Vs Flounder.

1) Your Soul is fine ... you're a good man.

2) "Generally"  speaking the difference is the Sole has no Tail wrist (Caudal peduncle) and the Flounder has. 

Two of the common ones caught in Sydney are a Black Sole and the Small tooth Flounder. There is a couple more but this is just a rough guide. 🙂


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Good work again Pickles.

As Blackfish posted, the Flounder has a tail, is excellent eating (but many bones). The Black Sole in Sydney is like eating shoe leather, though other species of Sole are good eating.

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On 2/27/2021 at 2:19 PM, Pickles said:

I know it sounds hard to believe, but that second king you saw us catch was actually on bread (fresh bread), we also got several bream on the bread fishing for yakkas

Not hard to believe but I didnt have any bread lol

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Another outing to help folks get their first Kingie Bob. You're a true gentleman showing all these folks how easy it is (for you). Keep up the good work, will have to try to get back to have a trip with you. Till then keep the posts coming.

Cheers, Neil

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