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Date day with a pb

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With the consistant bream fishing at the moment Amy was keen to get out amongst them, and as luck would have it the oportunity arose. With beautiful weather we wasted no time hitting the snags and didn''t take long for us to break the doughnut with a double hook-up


not big fish but a good start, we were working some a forest of trees washed in from the floods earlier in the year, Amy was casting like a pro, she puts a perfect hailmary into a nasty jungle and is instantly nailed, calling a trev I drove the boat out trying to draw the fish away, with some excellent rod work Amy led the beast out in the open and slowly worked it towards the net, I've really gotta stop calling trevs, we got even more excited when we saw the fish


Coudnt believe the beast of a bream that hit the net, a really thick set fish and blew away Amy's revious pb. Unfortunetly bream like this aren't very common in the Nambucca anymore.

We caught quite a few bream and decent sized but they all seemed rather undewhelming after Amy's fish. We continued our journey and not to be outdone I had a solid take, this fish I again called for a trev and righly so this time, they give a good battle on 6lb, this one circled the boat for ages before he hit the net


a nice 44cm GT, they're not in numbers this year but the quality is great. 

With a bit of wind coming up we shot upriver a bit further on the quest t get Amy a flathead for dinner, we wroked the mudbanks and gravel beds for a few small bream and flatties but none for the plate, we came across a tree loaded with bait, we wasted no time putting casts in and my plastic gets nailed, another trev in the middle of a forest, I knew it was a big fish and had to fight hard to keep it out of the timber, had to pinch myself when this trev came to the net


gotta love a surprise by-catch, 43cm bass in the salt, the last thing i was expecting. Check out the gut on it!

After that the bite slowed so we dashed back down river looking for the elusive keeper flathead with only smallies coming aboard, so we ended an awesome session with a coffee on the river bank.

I love that you never what wille eat your lure next

cheers for reading 


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Great to see you and Amy out on home territory socking it to them. Some fabulous fish there guys, you have to be stoked with that session. You certainly have a wealth of top fisheries up there on the MNC. Cheers, bn

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