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Anyone here ever used one of these collapsible outboard flushing bags?

Remote River Man

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If storage is an issue then the Bunnings solution will be problematic.

I have a large collapsible bucket for flushing my 90hp johnson.

Mine looks like a much cheaper one than in the OP link.

I find it to be a major pain in the rear...if the ground is not perfectly level, it collapses and the motor barely fits in.

I only use it out of courtesy to my neighbours - limit the noise.

Generally I have found using collapsible buckets problematic....small or large.

If you have the space, go with the Bunnings option (or similar)

Good luck !

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17 hours ago, Remote River Man said:

Just wondered if anyone here has used these, and if so, how did they work for you, to flush out your outboard?



What problem are you trying to solve?  

To @kingie chaser's comment Manufacturer's typically recommend flushing with muffs, there's another recent topic going that has concluded muffs with twin water feed are superior. 

Thanks for the reference @motiondave,  the problem I had to solve was 2Stroke idle noise while flushing as I live in a suburban area and prefer 15min or longer flushing time - often late in afternoon, early evening when I'm back from the water. This was my post on the muffler set up:

Cheers Zoran

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I made a plastic drum up for mine ages ago that's cheap and works great when I want to flush mine.A half drum takes up bugger all space and could be stored pretty much anywhere.I recommend plastic and not steel as it's light and doesn't rust.

Mate and brother in-law had collapsible and now do what i do.

The drum I use.


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