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With fishing for some of us being difficult at the moment I finally built up the courage to hit chippo after driving past it all my life to fish the upper reaches of the George’s or down the coast. After being in lockdown I couldn’t help but sneak out to some saltwater for a flick and what better time to do it then now,  It took me awhile to understand that there is fish there and now my fishing journey has finally lead me there.

The tide was starting to come in so  I launched the yak from the ramp on Henry Lawson at the mouth of the lake at about 6:45 then headed up river and started the drift just before the millperra  bridge back towards the mouth of the lake and then back into the lake to fish the slack water and edges since I thought that was a fair game plan after never fishing these waters.

After going for a solid paddle I sounded up some good fish but couldn’t get any to bite I wasn’t sure what to throw either after having stint off the water due to lockdown I was abit rusty tbh haha, so it was back to basics and after fishing for an hour or so I picked up a 30cm flatty on a 2.5” zman grub in motor oil, my first fish from chippo, my goal was a EP, bream, or jew but I was on the board and I was happy. 

As the tide came in I ended up on the opposite side of the lake at a creek mouth which was out of cover, after a few casts I had some bites and i found some fish and next thing I know I was on out comes the net and I was was stoked to see a bream just shy of legal but healthy and thick in the net after a quick hook removal he was off I fished for another 45 minutes or so and decided to call It quits after I got some knots in my spool that my braid picked up from the rubbish in the lake. 

All in all the session was a success in exploring new grounds and finding some  fish. I’m excited to dive into the secrets of  the ocean of the west and hopefully figure out the pattern to local water way that I’ve abandoned for so long! I’ll definitely be back chippo! 

Tight lines, SWFisho 🤙🏽


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1 hour ago, leonardgid said:

nice place , plenty of fish   but personally i would not eat them from there 


I’m a catch and release fisho most of the time man. But I also wouldn’t recommend eating the fish up until around como where the water clears up 😂

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