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More sucess on the Hastings


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With a convenient day off it was time gor another session up the Hastings this time Amy and Ben joined me. The tide was a lot higher than last time, the aim of the morning find some more trevs.

The first drift was a little uneventful with a couple of small flathead being boated by each of us. As we came to some better bank the hits stared getting more serious and before long I was loaded on a decent fish. There was loads of weight which soon woke up with some serious drag screaming, after some solid runs my suspicions were confirmed 


A cracker of a GT to get the day going and finally a proper Hastings trev, went just shy of 50cm.

Feeling more pumped all 3 of us really got the casts flying, plenty of hits but mostly small stuff, Amy put a wayward cast which tea bagged and got belted on the surface


A nice bream on the tea bag. Next area was where the big GT busted me off last week and sure enough I hooked another this one fell off when he was circling on tge end of a brutal run, nevermind atleast 1 hit the boat. Not far along my lure gets nailed again followed by a solid run which turned out to be a half decent bream


And Amy put a eater flathead in thr esky. Ben was having a bit of a struggke at this stage, finally he ended up with a solid hook-up and after a good tussle and  big GT chasing it another good bream in the net


Shortly after I made the call to head back downriver and seconds later Ben's onto a better fish we call a trev straight away


A nice big-eye that really performed for it's size.

We shot downriver for Amy to finish our session with another good bream that fought like a trev


all the fish really went hard, we lost count of flatties and bream, only kept the one

the conditions in the lower river were ridiculously rough heading back to the ramp so we had a nice soaking to finish off

cheers for reading 


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  • dirvin21 changed the title to More sucess on the Hastings

Thanks Crusher - there's the callenge. Find Lucifer. The young fella found him in the Stewarts River - broke his rod running under the boat. I know they're around the wharfs in the lower Hastings. Waiting for Big Neil to show up to make our presence felt with the feindish freinds. The Manning has produced some school Jew so no pressure on the freezer atm. Bit of dirty water in the river and outside the blue water is geting closer to the coast.. attached some pics of Seal Rocks today...




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Hey Andrew...nice pics of your area. Love the artwork on the bow of the boat "Denise". Cod season about to start, although not sure what the river will be like. Running a banker with dirty water at present and with more rain on the way, that may not change. I won't travel anywhere during school holidays (too busy and too expensive) but will definitely head up your way to catch up with you and Dave. Could be early December if the river here is no good, otherwise late January/early February. Definitely would love to tick a MJ off the diminishing bucket list. 

Cheers, Neil

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