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Sydney Jewfish/Mulloway

Yellow Stealth

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A few weeks ago, I took a break from kayak fishing to relax with a bit of beach fishing with my wife. Kayak fishing can be tiring at times. Especially so when the fish aren't chewing and the session turns into a long cardio workout. 

Arrived at the local beach (Cronulla/Wanda) armed with some squid and pilchards. No clear gutters were observable but i did notice 2 small holes through all the white water. Casting into the wind wasn't fun but, thankfully, the holes weren't out of casting range. Fished the high tide and managed to land 2 jewfish in quick succession during sunset/last light period. 1st one measuring 94cm and the second measuring 75 cm (no photo attached). Smaller one was released and the bigger one was kept for the plate. Very surprised to say the least considering I was expecting the fish to be a chunky salmon or a small shark based on how hard they hit the baits. Interestingly, the squid bait went untouched and both fish were caught on whole pilchards. Rigged the pilchards via 2 x 3/0 circle hooks (snelled) and 2x 5/0 circle hooks (snelled). 

With some better weather on the horizon, I will return to my pursuit of a 1 metre kingfish caught on kayak and give the beach fishing a break.


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