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Finally! Dee Why King

The Rev

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Dear fellow Raiders,

After a frustrating fishing trip on Friday 18 March where I was smoked four times in a row by big fish or sharks at Long Reef, I headed out again last Friday 25 March.  After some initial troubles with the electric trim on the motor we finally managed to get on the water at 7:30 AM. Headed to the blue pools at Manly to catch some small yellowtail. We then headed out the heads up to DeeWhy to a reef that’s been productive. 

Minn Kota  deployed, burley out and live bait down… bang! I’m on after 60seconds!!! After a good fight, up comes a small but decent Sampson fish which was dispatched and into the Esky. Five minutes later my mate calls out that he’s on. His rod buckled over with line peeling off with a good kingie hooked up. I watch the line and notice it’s going sideways and not straight down to the reef which was great and I think in the end of the day enabled him to catch the fish. After a long fight he got the fish to the boat and we had it in the net. As he takes the hook out I said to him “what pound breaking strain line are you using?”  

“30 pound “he replies.

I could not believe he caught that fish in just 11m of water on that sized leader!!!

We waited another 30 minutes but the bite had stopped so we headed up to long reef. We caught another four Kings up there - all undersized before a storm rolled in, so we headed back quick smart!

Once we were inside North head we Down rigged some more small yellowtail and picked up the Amberjack at old man’s hat followed by another undersized king at the Centurion Wreck. 

With three decent fish in the esky we headed back in and out of the rain. Though the conditions were pretty average on the way back in, it was a great days fishing. 😀

Many thanks, the Rev



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2 hours ago, Scratchie said:

Great report Rev! Good to see you back on home turf getting amongst them! Nice kingy 🤙

cheers scratchie!!! 

thanks Scratchie! Was great to come up to Port Stephens to learn some new spots and catch a few up there - but good to get back amongst the kings!

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20 hours ago, big Neil said:

Crackin result to get those 3 different fish in a weather interrupted day fishing. Sure would go well on the table. Well done, bn

Thanks Neil - yes the sashimi was outstanding 🙂 

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