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The cod grind

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Another free day meant another cod trip, this one back to the Namoi where I'd had some recent success, so it was a 4am start with my daughter Georgia. 3.5 hours later we met Steve @Hill373737 at the NP entrance. We hit the river hoping for a repeat of last trips success, didn't take long to figure out this wasn't the case.

The fishing was tough, tried surface, chatterbaits and spinnerbaits for not even a looker. Pulled out the secret weapon, a 5inch grub rigged weedless. Even my favourite cod lure was struggling but eventually I hooked up 


A tiny cod to break the doughnut.

To cut a long painful story short we fished hard through some very brutal terrain, climbing boulders and wading through blade grass for not even a follow.

Eventually the call was made to head back out on the return I decided to put a cast in on a small backwater pool we'd had success last trip. It's always a surprise when something actually pays off tye cod came from nowhere and smacked my soft plastic right in front of me, played hard too had to get down to the water to land him


A beautiful cod to improve the mood


He measured 58cm, a surprise from such a small pool

And to top it off I did the same thing in the last pool before our walk to the car


Not nearly as big but a nice fish to end the session.

We didn't get home till late, ended uo being a very long day with only 3 fish landed, worth it, absolutely!

Steve was a 10/10 bloke to fish with, hopefully I'll get the opportunity again soon

Cheers for reading



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Some sessions are just meant to be casting practice - this one was like casting practice over an obstacle course!!

Dave, it was great to meet up with you and Georgia and the look of surprise on your face when you got smashed by the '58 almost at your feet was worth the effort.

Look forward to catching up for another session again soon!!


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