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An evening of teeth and chrome


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Hey raiders

Its coming into that time of year where the days get shorter, the nights get colder, and the mind wanders to thoughts of teeth and chrome.

Its time for HAIRTAIL!

After about a year of no fishing, managed to finally catch up with Stewy last week, after a he called and advised to leave work early (the king of last minute fishing trips) so we could go see if the hairtail were around after all the rain and flooding.

Happy just to be out, expectations weren’t too high, but we did confirm, there are hairtail around!

They came on late, well for me anyway, and was a very late night, not getting home until around 2:30am, which didn’t make the boss too happy.

After last weeks late night, I was surprised to get the ok from the missus to head out with Stewy again yesterday.

Better prepared than last week, we arrived early, catching livies and slab bait, joking around and enjoying a nice afternoon in the sun, picking our spot and waiting for darkness.

The bites weren’t regular, but when they came around, a couple of bites turned into fish at least, and we managed enough to call it much earlier than last trip, getting home at 10:30pm

They aren’t around in massive numbers, but they’re around!

Thanks again for a great couple of trips Stewy, always a great time, although let’s not wait another year to go fishing again 





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20 hours ago, teddybear said:

Hahaha great catch up johno and stewy its been to long, but a nice to catch up and having a laugh last nite 


we shall meet again 


Always good to see raiders on the water and thanks to your lovely mrs for our sausage on a roll went down a treat see you out there soon

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