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Jani's Pike & Redfin season 2022 open.


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Season 2022 is started now.

Couple of hours fishing with Vili, mostly testing where fishs is now. First drive to near bridge, my first cast bite, and 5th cast fish on. Short fight and Vili use net, table size pike on boat. Vili catch soon redfin just under boat.

Soon change spot, quite steep bank, from 2.5m water and soon 9m water. Get some bites, but maby fishes was too small, becouse didn hooked.


So, we move to check area where is long tweed, but havent grow up yet. Next to "Big Fish spot" to rusty sign, but nothing there.


Next spot was 5m water. Vili catch soon 1 redfin and many bites. I catch again pike. Didn want anymore pikes, so i did change smaller softplastic and catch small redfin, to small for eat. Next was agoin just under boat, redfin to me. Vili catc sope redfins more, and then we drive to harbour.


Nice trip and no we have fish fillet wait for cooking.







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Pike is slimey, but taste really nice if made it boneles first and use enough butter on pann. 😀. I like take skinn off, but ittaste better if let skinn on, and only take off that "plates" (dont know what it is english)

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