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Umina Beach and Brisbane Water


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Hey Raiders

Took the family for a quick trip out of Sydney and stayed at Umina Beach for the weekend.  We went out to relax and have some fun so all fish were returned to grow bigger and stronger for next time. Also used this as an opportunity to teach the kids about the fun and benefits of catch and release.

I caught tailor (30cm-45cm) from the beach on ganged pillies. Good conditions with a high tide right on sunrise, a nice way to start the mornings.

On Saturday, we rented a 16ft half cabin wooden boat from Anderson's Boat shed and spent a few hours trying to find a decent drift. Ended up catching a few flatties and a whiting.  The kids had fun and caught their PB flattie of 45cm. Fishing with kids, it's never ending re-baiting, de-tangling, snacking...so you might be able to see in the photo, I'm holding the spool for one of the reels as it got tangled. As I was untangling, I felt a tug-tug and then line came running out of my hand! Stress levels were high as I didn't want to lose the fish or the spool! Ended up landing the whiting, it was only fair that it lived to see another day. 

We were blessed with sunny skies and very little wind. 

Hopefully we can come back in warmer months and with a bit more knowledge of the local system to catch something bigger!

I've included a snippit of a time lapse from the beach, not sure if it comes up for others, let me know. 

If anyone has any info on the area, shoot me a DM!


Tight lines everyone



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Looks like you all had a great day out with some nice fish caught!

I’m in the same position when fishing with my family  - the bait man, untangler, fish remover, rigger. It’s a full time gig, but at least the family get to catch a few fish and puts a smile on their faces.

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3 hours ago, kantong said:

Thanks for the kind words all! Looking forward to more warmer weather, bring it on!

Good to see you back @kantong. It appears that you are of the same Raider vintage as myself! Like you, I started off as a young(ish) Raider and 15 years later, have returned with a family and am keen as ever!

I certainly can attest to the challenge of coordinating a couple of kids and a few fishing rods simultaneously. Makes for busy work, but their delight when successful is infectious. I have never spent so much time targeting toads, but it seems in kid-land, they are a viable sporting target! So that's what we do :D 

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