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More snapper


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Had another great session on snapper wide off Sydney in deep water. No plastics this time and didn’t waste time on catching live bait to strip down - just straight to the grounds with pillies, however we did catch several yellowtail and pike which we used as bait.

Ended up with 16 snapper - biggest went 57cm others ranged in size from 38 up. By-catch included Blue Mowies (12 legal)  and 12 Nanygai and one Blue spot flathead.

Water temp is still amazingly warm still at 19degrees. Saw a few whales and pod of dolphins - always a bonus in Gods amazing creation. Rig was a standard 2dropper paternoster using 2/0 suicide hooks with pillies on one hook and yellowtail or pike on the other. When gutted the Snapper were full of prawns.

Pic is with my buddy Ray (his fish, my biggest was. 3cm smaller).


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