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First Kingie - 3 generations and young bloke scores.


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9F309F14-7902-4F16-8F07-66E47DECF1C2.thumb.jpeg.83c544529d8fb2d6cf65e5d6cb7d4176.jpegHeaded out with the husband of en ex- student their 9 year old son and grandad.  The plan was onto catch some kingfish and snapper outside. We caught up  with Bill ( @blaxland) and had a chat before heading off to the Georges head bait grounds and filled up with Yakkas in double quick time and then headed outside. Unfortunately the young bloke “Lochie”, felt crook 1/2 to Long reef, so we headed back in before we could drop a bait or plastic.

We headed to Clifton gardens  for a toilet stop - “Gotta go Bob” (cant argue with an 9 year oold’s bowels)  and whilst waiting, burleyed up with sand and weed and dropped some weed flies and cabbage baits into the current and floated under the wharf for some very light downs, but no hookup’s. 
Relieved and revived we headed towards the bridge and dropped a few baits, but young bloke got crook again, so I decided to head to calm water over in Manly. After getting a good burley trail going Lochie scored a nice flattie, then Trevally, a few small snapper and then a rat (on 6lb blackfish gear). This was Lochie first kingfish and he was over the moon and forgot all about being crook.

Overall a great day to see the young bloke score his first Kingie and keen to go again even though a poor start.




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