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A couple of stripes


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Been hitting the water hard since my youngest daughter turned up with her fishing mad boyfriend from the NT. The beaches have been on fire with fish and the offshore scene much the same. 

Yesterday first bait being put over the side was snatched by a small striped marlin before we could get the line to the outrigger. This little one was pretty small so brought onboard for a photo.

Second fish came later in the day, again on a bait being dropped back onto a bait ball. This fish gave a good fight on the spin gear and needed chasing a few times to get line back on the spool. 

Also got to see my eldest daughter at work out there skippering a charter on the marlin.

Hit 58 yrs old this week, starting to feel my age when the kids come home!!!!!






















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Just getting confirmation as it seems the bigger fish could possibly be a blue and not striped marlin. If so the lucky bugger has had black, blue and striped in two trips.


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awesome trips out! good fun on a what? 5000 reel? its great to spend quality time out and by the looks of it a dream couple too! no asking the missus to go out for a fish when she'd tag along with you. love the photos as well, especially the last couple

i thought handling the bill without a glove was a no go? 

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7 hours ago, Isaac Ct said:

Great stuff, nice to have fishing enthusiasts on board.

Well done

Just gotten home from an exhausting beach session on salmon, tailor, rays and sharks at midnight and back on the water at 6am in the morning. To many nights with chocolate and Netflix are catching up on me, Im buggered!!!!!!

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