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How not to do it.Noosa bar crossing.


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Wow,,   Just Wow !!

I won't preach or comment about the lack of wearing any safety gear, or whether it was all worth the risk/effort.....

I will freely admit to having done some extremely stupid things on Bars many years back,  Glad I learn't my lesson, or rather gained some experience..

Wild video..

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CRAZY. They were very lucky to get away with that one. The biggest problem with bar crossing is that it has to be done TWICE and coming back in can be even more dangerous.

These guys should buy a lottery ticket.  bn

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3 hours ago, Rebel said:

Is that you & Yowie ?

I know you want to get rid of him, but, come on.

I’m not going all the way to Noosa as going to the hacking is far enough.Beside I like Yowie and I wear my life jacket even in the pool.It’s called love handles.They stop you from rolling over.

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6 hours ago, zmk1962 said:

More balls than brains and a statistic waiting to happen that’s for sure…they miss-timed the last few badly. 
If this was NSW they’d all be fined for not wearing a PFD. 

Cheers Zoran 

There’s no fix or cure for stupid mate.Poor boat.

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This guy, not the one driving the boat, has a Youtube channel where he publishes boats running the Noosa River bar. You get to see a wide range of driving skills watching his clips. Some people who make it look so very easy to others with a death wish. Sometimes when I watch the clips I find myself, well not quite yelling, but telling them what to do. Like that would help. Apparently I'm very amusing when I'm yelling advice to the TV!

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To be honest the inshore waves weren't to bad and those bigger ones would of been very hard to judge from closer to shore. Once they committed closer to the last few sets, they didn't have much choice to keep punching through. The little signature sliced through the first of it pretty well but even with the speed pulled back the steepness of those last waves had them reaching for the stars.
I enjoy the challenges of bar crossing, especially when its just me onboard.

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