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Quick fish in botany bay


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Headed out this morning in botany bay for a couple hours. launched at yarra bay at 5.40 and was anchored by 6am.

1.7m swell from the east 10km hr westerly winds, not perfect condition's but tolerable, there was some pretty solid swell inside the bay today. The first drops down on squid and pillie cubes yielded 2 mid 40's tailor which was followed by a pan sized flounder. 

large schools of bonito, frigates and mac tuna were busting up, but not taking any metals or cubed baits although i did see a nearby boat just scoop 3 or 4 in a landing net. 
hooked onto a mid 50's kingfish which fought alot harder then it should've which was then followed by a couple 25-30cm bream. Pulled anchor up at 8.45 and headed in. 
Quite a productive couple hours with a rather diverse bag. All fish released & a lucky boat got the last 2 fresh squid i had. 



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7 hours ago, Rebel said:

Top report & a good haul.

Great photo

Well done.

cheers mate!

7 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

A good mornings' fishing.

cant beat it! then reality hits when its time to goto work an hour later 

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4 minutes ago, Yowie said:

Nice work, but you threw away a feed. :074:

haha, i'm mostly catch n release. not too often id keep a fish. They'll be waiting for you in the bay if you'd like to go there for a change.

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33 minutes ago, Larkin said:

Nice mixed bag restyle! 👍
If you let them run a little in the beginning they will usually fight harder.

You rig with circles?


cheers mate, i use owner 7/0 ssw. amazing hooks that can be used 5 times over

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1 minute ago, Isaac Ct said:

Great job mate, if my dad found out I threw back a flounder I wouldn't be allowed to go fishing for a month haha. Nice job with the kings

hahaha i dont blame him, though about eating it tonight then i just turfed it over the side and even waved it goodbye

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