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The trip of a lifetime - amazon part 1

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There will be a few parts to this report simply because there is loads of content, I will do a bit of tackle info and share random photos in the last one.

To start at the beginning for as long as I remember I've always wanted to see the amazon, and six months ago the opportunity to book in a trip came up for Amy and I to fish the Essequibo river in Guyana.

After a couple of days in Miami Amy and I had a late arrival in Georgetown Guyana after about 3 hours sleep we were up and off to the airport for our charter flight to nowhere.


Georgetown is an interesting place, it was only just over an hour flight and we got our first good site of the river


And landed at our "airport"




We were on the river in no time and had a 4 hour boat ride up river to our lodge we saw loads of macaws on the way


The evening was a whirlwind and before we knew it was early morning stuffing in breakfast and getting out to fish


We were part of a group of 8 anglers paired in 2's with a guide who are local amerindians and incredible blokes

We got into the fishing in no time casting hardbodies out into a channel, despite popular belief it started a little slow the pirahnas were willing to hit but very tough to pin, it didn't take too long before Amy landed the first fish


A bicuda, first fish contest to Amy and to prove it wasn't a fluke Amy also landed fish number 2


A black pirahna (the first of many), these things fight hard but destroy tackle and the novelty wore off fast.

Getting impatient I started casting a small surface lure into a near by creek mouth it took a few casts but I stirred up some peacocks and after some miss hits my first fish was on the board


A beautifully coloured lukanani peacock bass

we then moved to some rocks to landbased fish, chasing peacocks  working my surface lure again ot was slammed at my feet after an incredible fight I had my first yellow peacock for the trip 


Shortly after I managed a small bicuda


And of course pirahna.

We moved around a bit catching bicudas and pirahnas we had a bit of a hot bite at one point  Amy having a surface lure annihalated by a xos payara

We did manage some better size bicudas Among other fish



After lunch we had bit of a hot bite on the small peacocks which were great fun, then I was nailed by a big fish it was a nervecracking fight around the submerged timber but I managed to boat a solid peacock


A solid brute probably my biggest for the trip

Amy managed our first couti


Which was turned into catfish bait

We fished hard for payara (you'll see them in the next part) Amy jumped a couple off.

We stopped on a beach for a break


and our guide showed us some turtle eggs


And Tapir tracks


As a last stop we fished for catfish near the lodge  Amy's rod went off in no time and she was soon battling a serious fish, 


Amy finished the day with a big surubim catfish, I was busted off minutes later with aching muscles and exhausted we headed back to the lodge.. so many fish and that was day 1


To be continued.....


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What can I say guys? This is the perfect holiday for you two. Some amazing-looking fish caught by both of you. You will have fond memories of a most wonderful fishing trip for ever.

Heading over to read episode 2 right now.




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