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Surface fish saved the day


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7399C0C4-6A64-49BA-AAC9-425444B5D51D.thumb.jpeg.8e7b60d2a3ffdfcce265a37a73a2429c.jpegHeaded out from Tunks in the dark and the rain. 

Trolled around Dobroyd for a couple of tailor, and would have stayed longer but lost the school. 
Then trolled around North Head for a couple more bonito, again lost the school but continued  north along the front for more bonito.

Then headed out to Dee Why wide to try for our usual catch of flathead and others but the current was moving us a bit fast and it was very quite except for a very large sageant baker which took me a while to land. It was a large male and the biggest I have seen and I was able to return it without too much trouble.

Picked up a couple more bonito on the way in.  All the fish were between 31  and  36 cm, sorry I did not have anything in the photo to compare.

The camera was a bit wet as were we despite the wet weather gear so the picture is bit blurry



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We started with smallish bibbed lures for the tailor, then to larger bibbed lures trolled about 6 knots at North Head which worked ok.

Then to go along the front we found plastic squid type lures trolled about 8 knots worked just as well and the single hook made it much safer and easier to take the fish off.

I was using a red feather lure with a huge 8/0 hook and it was being taken.

in future I will use plastic squid type with a single hook

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Bonnies for eating or bait, and tailor for the plate.

The trouble with trebles is the toothy critters like tailor and bonnies, they have sharp teeth and just jump about, and you run the risk of getting hooked or bitten.

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