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Another day in the office

Basil D

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You know the drill, very early start to Moloney to get bait and out the heads in near darkness so no one follows me

just kidding, you have to be on the fads before 7am and was between fads

also had a deep drop at browns and snapped my line as I rigged incorrectly at the swivel, lost a big fish

cant complain though,23B4F1AE-01C9-4B42-A5E3-6AC87548BD29.thumb.jpeg.ddb8dab17d539c7ac547ba646c2b3c6c.jpeg6B6F4918-3A77-4EEF-8A9C-7232F6545C7B.thumb.jpeg.70ad57024623fd758c0ce1fd38e7eea0.jpeg7DDDBE39-F640-4DAD-9D36-E90599B141A1.thumb.jpeg.7bddbc7a68ca0ddbed4c568ef7c07837.jpeg4AB634B1-1689-4529-90F6-AB811425EFE7.thumb.jpeg.91c09e5db6440f01370dc334ea130cdb.jpeg


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